SUB Inter University Programming Contest 2017

On 05 August 2017, NSU participated in SUB Inter-University Programming Contest 2017 and the top 5 teams from NSU secured the 3, 14, 20, 24 and 58th position. Congratulations to all the members of NSU CookieMonster for making it to the top 3. It was a great achievement for us as 4 teams from NSU finished in the top 25.

Congratulations to all the contestants for their great efforts.
Check out the official standings here:

Contest Rank: 03
Team Name: NSU CookieMonster
Team Members:
1. Tarango Kahn
2. Hasib Al Muhaimin
3. Labib Rashid

Contest Rank: 14
Team Name: NSU_Prestige
Team Members:
1. Osman Ali Chowdhury
2. Nabila Ahmed
3. Kifayat Tahmid

Contest Rank: 20
Team Name: NSU bits_please
Team Members:
1. Alvee Imam
2. Anirudha Ani
3. Zahid Hasan

Contest Rank: 24
Team Name: NSU_DietCoke
Team Members:
1. Aminul Haq
2. Kifayat Tahmid
3. Imran Hasan

Contest Rank: 58
Team Name: NSU Curators
Team Members:
1. Nur Islam
2. Koushik Roy
3. Sazid Rahman

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