IUT 9th ICT Fest 2017 Programming Contest

On 14 October 2017, NSU participated in IUT 9th ICT Fest 2017 Programming Contest and the top 5 teams from NSU secured the 16, 17, 27, 29 and 61st position.

Congratulations to all the contestants.
Check out the official standings here: https://toph.co/c/iut-ict-fest-2017/standings

Contest Rank: 16
Team Name: NSU Vendetta
Team Members:
1. Hasib Al Muhaimin
2. Labib Rashid
3. Tarango Khan

Contest Rank: 17
Team Name: NSU T90
Team Members:
1. Imran Hasan
2. Nur Islam
3. Koushik Roy

Contest Rank: 27
Team Name: NSU JudgeData_Weak_Chilo
Team Members:
1. Akash Lanard
2. Alvee Imam
3. Zahid Hasan

Contest Rank: 29
Team Name: NSU Panda
Team Members:
1. Nabila Ahmed
2. Osman Ali Chowdhury
3. Aminul Haq

Contest Rank: 61
Team Name: NSU PacemaKers
Team Members:
1. Shajia Annoor Joty
2. Nazmul Hasan Asha
3. Ibrahim Iqbal

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