Introduction to Competitive Programming

Getting Started:

  1. Getting started with the sport of competitive programming
  2. প্রোগ্রামিং কনটেস্ট এবং অনলাইন জাজে হাতেখড়ি
  3. অ্যালগোরিদম কমপ্লেক্সিটি(বিগ “O” নোটেশন)


Programming Language:

To get start with competitive programming you must be comfortable with at least one programming language. We prefer C++ because it’s more beginner’s friendly and also more useful for programming contests. Here are few topics you must learn before you start programming contest.

  1. Input/Output
  2. Data types
  3. Loop/Nested Loop
  4. If else
  5. Functions
  6. Structure
  7. String processing


Checkout this websites for resource on C++:

  1. cplusplus
  2. tutorialspoint
  3. cprogramming
  4. top coder stl C++


Create an account in vjudge:



Try this easy problems to get used to problem solving:

  1. Greetings from LightOJ
  2. Opposite Task
  3. Second Largest
  4. Relational Operator
  5. Find Remainder
  6. Word
  7. Pangram
  8. Odd Sum
  9. Finding Square Roots
  10. Celebrity jeopardy

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