NSUPS Bootcamp

Learn about our bootcamp — the gateway to our community — that introduces newcomers to the world of competitive programming.

What is NSUPS Bootcamp

Bootcamp is a semester long free training program designed to introduce participants to the art of problem solving. Every semester a group of individuals from North South University are filtered through a selection contest. These individuals are trained by experienced and worthy problem solvers of NSUPS who have contributed to the community with their problem solving skills over the years.

Why Join The Bootcamp

Introduction to Problem Solving

Bootcampers are introduced to the basics of solving algorithmic problems with C++/ Java.

Competitive Programming

Regular programming contests are arranged throughout the camp to familiarize bootcampers with the nature of competitive programming.

Introduction to Algorithms

Bootcampers are taught the application of fundamental Data Structures and Algorithms to solve various problems


Participants are awarded certificates upon completion of an entire season of Bootcamp

Gateway to NSU Problem Solvers

Selected participants are given the opportunity to join NSUPS and prove themselves as a potential candidate to represent NSU in various programming contests.

Hear from Our Previous Bootcampers

“The NSUPS Bootcamp is one of the best place to get started to enrich your programming skills. It makes you grow as a programmer and helps you develop your capacity of solving complex algorithmic problems that isn't usually covered in traditional courses. To me, NSUPS Bootcamp is the best place to grow as a programmer.”
Shayekh Navid
Data Engineer, Deep Data Labs
“I learned a lot from NSUPS bootcamp, which laid down the groundwork for my understanding of different data structures and algorithms. The classes and contests were marvelously executed by the instructors. NSUPS is a community of like-minded individuals helping each other every step of the learning process. Trying out the bootcamp was one of the best decisions I took.”
Md. Maruf Bin Salim
Student, NSU
“I attended NSUPS bootcamp S6 and it not only helped me in my advanced CSE course but also helped me secure a software engineering internship outperforming 400 applicants.”
Tahmid Hasan
Research Assistant, NSU

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Frequently Asked Questions

Any student of North South University who has the required knowledge can apply. (See the relevant question to learn about prerequisite knowledge.)

At a minimum, you must know the basic syntax of any programming language. (C, C++, Java are preferred).

When the application process begins (usually in the last half of each semester), we announce it along with the application procedure on our Facebook page, so remember to check back on that page and this website for updates. After applying, you’ll need to go through a selection process before you can join the camp.

The selection process consists of the following:

  • The Prerequisite Contests are one or two long contests that run for several days and are held online. You have to solve a fair number of the problems in these contests to qualify for the final selection contest.
  • The Selection Contest is a short contest that is held onsite (online since the COVID-19 pandemic). To qualify for the Bootcamp, you have to solve a certain minimum number of the problems here.
The required minimum solve count for both the Selection and the Prerequisite contests are decided by NSUPS and may vary from one Bootcamp season to another.

Lessons are provided through weekly classes, but most of the learning happens through the long contests — week-long online contests that give you plenty of opportunities to practice and develop fluency in the concepts and techniques you learn. The weekly short contests are typically 3–5 hours long and emulate the setting of an actual contest, enabling competition among the participants and allowing us to evaluate their progress. All contests feature high-quality problems intended to provide a solid foundation for beginning problem solvers.

  • Time complexity of algorithms
  • Programming language features (for C++ and Java)
  • Code templates for Competitive Programming
  • Greedy algorithms
  • Number theory (Divisibility, Modular Arithmetic, GCD, LCM, Number and Sum of Divisors, Primality test, Prime factorization, Sieve of Eratosthenes)
  • Binary Exponentiation
  • Data structures from the C++ Standard Template Library (and the Java Class Library)
  • Prefix and Partial Sums
  • Binary Search
  • Recursion

To graduate from the Bootcamp, you need to perform well by meeting a specific solve count (decided by us) on the Graduation contest that concludes the Bootcamp season. To be eligible for the graduation contest, you must survive the entirety of the Bootcamp by completing 100% of the assigned tasks and abiding by the Bootcamp rules. If you can graduate from the Bootcamp, you will be eligible to become a rated member of NSUPS, i.e., a core member who can train and form teams with us for contests.

Past Bootcamp Seasons

304 North Cardinal St.
Dorchester Center, MA 02124

Work Hours
Monday to Friday: 7AM - 7PM
Weekend: 10AM - 5PM