Bootcamp (The Gateway To Joining NSUPS)

NSUPS arranges a 1-semester long training session called “Bootcamp”. The purpose of this in-house training is to boost beginners into getting started with Competitive Programming as efficiently as possible. The Bootcamp comprises of weekly classes and contests on basic topics of Number Theory, Data Structure, Graph Theory, Dynamic Programming, Game Theory, Linear Algebra etc.

How Can I Join NSUPS?

Bootcamp is the only way to join our community for any student. You must successfully complete the boot camp season to be able to become a core member of our community.

When Will Boot Camp Season 05 Start?

On October, 2019 (exact date will be announced later).

What is Vjudge?

Vjudge is a contest hosting site which has a collection of all the problems from most of the online judges. We will arrange all of our contests on this website. So please register here: You’ll also need to provide the user id of your Vjudge account during the registration of Bootcamp.

How Can I Register for The Boot Camp?

Step 1: The first requirement to be eligible for the boot camp is you must have a moderate/good knowledge in at least one programming language (preferably C/C++/Java). You must also complete CSE115 in NSU or have a similar level of efficiency in a language. More specifically, before going to the step 2 we assume that you are okay with all the following requirements.

  1. You are familiar with input/output techniques
  2. You have good knowledge about the data types
  3. You know how to use for/while loop and conditional statements (if/else)
  4. You have good knowledge of function/methods
  5. You have done some computer programming before by yourselves and feel passionate about programming

Step 2: Fill up the following form Bootcamp Season 05 Registration for registration.

What are selection criteria for the next Bootcamp?

Based on the performance in the prerequisite contest, we will invite a few people (not more than 25) to participate in an onsite selection contest. This contest will be held in NSU on a Friday in October, 2019 (exact date will be announced later). We will select a few people (not more than 10) for the Bootcamp based on their performance in the onsite selection contest and the prerequisite contests. The performance in the onsite contest will be given more importance for the final selection process. To be precise, 90% weight will be given to the onsite selection contest while making the final selection. To do well in the onsite selection contest, you should solve all the problems in Prerequisite Contests. If someone has completed all the prerequisites by themselves, she/he should have no problem passing the onsite selection contest.

Bootcamp Class:

Those who are selected based on their performance in the onsite contest and prerequisite contests are eligible to participate in the Bootcamp. We arrange several classes for one whole semester to help them learn different problem-solving techniques. We also arrange some coding sessions to help them improve their implementation skill.

Tentative Schedule of Our Training Sessions:

Class Time: 9:40 AM – 1:00 PM (Friday)
Contest Time: 2:40 PM – 5:30 PM (Friday)

Get Access To Our Forum:

In case you missed this part on our homepage, we have a forum to discuss any problem solving related topics. You will get the invitation when you become eligible to participate in our boot camp. There are many seniors and alumni in our forum who will guide you in a proper way to solve your problems. You are free to ask for any type of help related to competitive programming.

Why Need A Forum When We Already Have a Facebook Group?

The Facebook group doesn’t seem like a place where we can meet our official purposes. Besides, it’s also not well organized in the way we want to use it. That’s why we introduced forum, which is more customized according to our needs.

Boot Camp Contest:

During a boot camp season, we arrange several contests and give certificates and prizes to the top contestants. Also, the top members from a boot camp become eligible to participate in the NSUPS Rated Contest. Which eventually help them to get the opportunity to represent our university in several national and international contests.

Get Access To CPPS:

After you successfully complete the boot camp season you become a core member of our NSUPS family. You’ll also be able to access our all the resources in  CPPS. CPPS is our resource website that contains an awesome collection of problems and solution hints contributed by our seniors and alumnus. It’ll help you in many ways to learn new stuff and solve problems from different varieties.

Next Step After The Boot Camp:

After the end of the boot camp, you will complete the Intermediate Level and will have required knowledge to participate in the Topic Wise Classes and NSUPS Meetups. These classes help the contestants to learn the required algorithms necessary to compete in national and international level contests. Once you complete the boot camp, you’ll eventually become familiar with our whole structure.


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