ACM ICPC Dhaka Regional 2016

ACM ICPC is considered as the Olympics of Programming. One of the oldest, largest and most prestigious programming contest in the world and regionals are considered the most prestigious for any region/country. Dhaka regional is also one of them.

Last Friday-Saturday(16-17 November) Dhaka regional held at University of Asia Pacific. 5 teams from North South University participated and secured the 8, 16, 31, 56 and 75th position.

Congratulations to all the contestants.
Check out the official standings here:

Contest Rank: 08
Team Name: NSU Aristocrats
Team Members:
1. Mohammad Samiul Islam
2. Labib Rashid
3. Tarango Khan

Contest Rank: 16
Team Name: NSU_Karma
Team Members:
1. Nabila Ahmed
2. Osman Ali Chowdhury
3. Kifayat Tahmid

Contest Rank: 31
Team Name: NSU_Template_e_Ache
Team Members:
1. Anirudha Ani
2. Alvee Imam
3. Zahid Hasan

Contest Rank: 56
Team Name: NSU_Vendetta_v3.0
Team Members:
1. Hasib Al Muhaimin
2. Pinku Deb Nath
3. Imran Hasan

Contest Rank: 75
Team Name: NSU Spordha
Team Members:
1. Sazid Rahman
2. Koushik Roy
3. Nur Islam

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