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Hello! We're Problem Solvers

A community of students enthusiastic about problem-solving-oriented programming from North South University (NSU) in Bangladesh. We participate in Competitive Programming (also known as Sports Programming), a mind sport wherein people solve well-defined programming problems encompassing various math and computer science topics. For us, Competitive Programming is more than just an extra-curricular activity; it’s a passion.

Work and Mission

We train for programming contests under a very competent coach, and form and prepare teams to participate in national and international programming competitions representing NSU. Most notably, our work is geared towards making our mark in the International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC).

Get to Know Us

Here at NSUPS, the members share not only their interest in problem solving and drive to push individual boundaries further, but also their values and ideals for creating an environment where everyone is motivated and inspired by one another. This community thrives on the love for problem solving and flourishes on the bond amongst its members. 

If you’re interested, or curious even, to learn more about the members of this community and of their experiences, keep reading to find out what some of our members have to say about their journey so far.

NSUPS has been a part of my identity throughout my university life. I came to know about NSUPS even before joining NSU. I have been a part of this community from my very first semester.

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It is perhaps the only place in NSU where I have had the opportunity to genuinely improve my programming and problem solving skills. Since then, I have participated in numerous national contests, ICPC and also gathered many fond memories with this community. The memories from RUET IUPC 19 were very special to me. It was the first national contest where I was able to finish in the top 10 for the first time. I will forever cherish the memories of contests outside Dhaka, the Friday-weekly contests at NSU, after contest hangouts, and numerous other memories with the amazing people I have met here. Some of the closest people in my life are from NSUPS. I have come across some great minds here, and learnt a lot from them. If you are passionate about problem solving and competitive programming, NSUPS is just the perfect community for you. Here, you will find fellow problem solvers who are as passionate as you. You will also find amazing seniors who will not only help you kickstart your problem solving journey, but also guide you throughout the entirety of it.

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Akash Lanard
Core Member, NSUPS
As I love to tell anyone, the only reason I chose to join NSU over other universities is because of NSUPS. It has given me so much, and it means to me more than I can ever put into words.

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From meeting my teammates for contests every Friday, to being in a different district for a contest while having a final exam the next day; from the adrenaline rush of racing against time, to the joy of being able to identify myself as being a part of this community; I have loved every moment of it. And I have grown as a person because of it. I'm very grateful to my seniors, as well as to the friends I made along the way, who not only taught me a lot, but were with me through my highs and lows in life. If I were to give any bit of advice to the people joining the community, it would be to not lose sight of the bigger picture; there will be happy moments, and sad moments surrounding your endeavors. The most important thing however, is to enjoy, and find joy in being a part of something bigger.

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Salman Sahel
Core Member, NSUPS
As I’ve always had a passion for programming, I wasted no time and joined this community in my very first semester. NSUPS is like a family to me. It has taught me competitive programming from scratch and made me a good one.

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It has also helped me to build logic in various problems. My programming skill has developed immensely after joining this community. During the time that I’ve spent in this community so far, I got to expose myself to various other skills besides problem solving. I learned different stacks and even got the opportunity to help build the NSUPS website and PScamp - a website that keeps track of all the members’ solve count. One of the most memorable moments during my journey so far was when I secured the first position in my S6 graduation contest. It gave me a major confidence boost as this community is full of talented people, and also motivated me to keep pushing myself further to achieve my goals. Everyone in this community is very supportive and friendly. Therefore, anyone looking forward to joining this community should know that they’ll be supported and encouraged no matter what. Lastly, whether your goal is to represent NSU on national and/or international platforms, or to simply get introduced to problem solving, I assure you NSUPS is the place for you.

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BM Monjur Morshed
Core Member, NSUPS
I feel honored and proud to be a part of this wonderful community of extraordinary competitive programmers. I absolutely love the level of dedication that goes on around here to ensure an extremely professional yet friendly environment for problem solving, not to mention one that is strictly free from any sort of unfair means.

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I was always encouraged to take every contest, attend every class and discussion, which not only helped me build a firm foundation on problem-solving, but also improved my skills immensely. Besides, watching the senior members putting in so much effort and hardwork is in and of itself one of the biggest motivations that alone drives us juniors to amp it up. Being in the Bootcamp, I also had the privilege to get in touch with some amazing people. If I have to be honest about my journey so far, I’d say it has been tough. Being surrounded by so many talented people really requires you to go the extra mile. But everyone is extremely helpful and supportive. I was initially very overwhelmed when I had joined the Bootcamp, but the support and encouragement I received from everyone fueled me to come this far. To people who are reading this, I’d like to say that if you have the passion to learn more about problem-solving and have the will to work hard, you should undoubtedly give NSUPS a try. I can assure you that you’ll get all the help and support here. While the activity might seem time consuming, for me personally, hours of hard work, persistence, and the cooperation from fellow members have certainly paid off. I am forever grateful to this community and its amazing members. To think of how much I’ve improved over the past few months is truly astounding. All thanks to NSUPS!

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Sarwar Alam
Core Member, NSUPS
NSUPS is an extremely special community for me. My experience in the bootcamp has been somewhat even more special. While solving the weekly tasks and individual contests, I came to realize how much I enjoy problem solving, and I am forever grateful to this community for introducing me to the world of competitive programming.

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This community has taught me the importance of not only perseverance but also consistency. It has also taught us numerous ways to keep track of our own progress and be in control of our own journey. It has encouraged healthy competition in every step of the way, teaching us to be go-getters at the smallest to the biggest goals in life. The day I got to be a rated member will always be one of my fondest memories. I joined this community after completing boot camp season 7. To my surprise I saw the participation of females in this community was zero. I was the first female rated member in this community, which was quite concerning to me. However, since season 8, the participation of females increased drastically, and currently we have five female members in the community. While the number is still staggeringly low compared to the male counterpart, I choose to be optimistic of the future. I wish more female students would expose themselves to problem solving. I hope the female students reading this, wondering whether they should join the community, push themselves to do so. Once you do, the opportunities are countless. I would recommend all my juniors interested in problem solving to join this community as soon as possible. This will be an amazing journey to experience.

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Mohsina Matin Moumi
Core Member, NSUPS
Joining NSUPS was one of the best decisions I've made during my undergraduate life. It all started when a friend of mine suggested that I should join bootcamp, which led me to do so.

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I registered for the next season and got qualified to attend the Bootcamp. I had been thoroughly enjoying the lectures and contests of the bootcamp since the very beginning. However, being a "rated" member was not a simple task for me. Even though I liked competitive programming, I had to put in a lot of effort in order to become a “rated” member. It took me two consecutive Bootcamps to finally graduate! But it was well worth every bit of the effort. In such a short time, I've learned many things and also formed some great relationships with the seniors and juniors. I'm glad I've become a part of this community. It has had a significant impact on my life. The only thing that I wish would change about this community is the low rate of female members. I really wish that more females would take up the activity of problem solving. It is an amazing platform to truly learn a lot about programming. While the rate of female participation is definitely rising gradually, I hope that more and more females would join this community faster and in great numbers, and expose themselves to this amazing world of competitive programming.

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Rejuana Islam
Core Member, NSUPS
I have loved programming from my very first semester, but ironically never got to know about NSUPS until my 3rd year, which is when I joined the community. So my story goes like this:

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I had initially participated in an intra programming contest, which had been my very first attempt at competitive programming, and solved 4 problems, still unbeknownst of the existence of NSUPS. After that contest, Sudipta bhaia, a senior member of NSUPS, called me and asked if I wanted to continue problem solving. I was ecstatic. Then I joined the bootcamp, graduated it and finally became a part of this community. I really love competitive programming and enjoy it thoroughly. To be honest, the things I learnt at the university before joining NSUPS was nothing compared to what I learned here. Competitive programming has also made my academics a lot easier now that I have a better understanding of concepts and enhanced solving capabilities. I have also made great friends here. The seniors are really helpful and friendly, while the juniors are really cool and respectful, and I could not ask for more! More importantly, I have made friends here who have the same interests as me.The best part is, the friendship and competitiveness go hand in hand in this community. The only thing I regret is not joining sooner. If you love programming, trust me, this is the community for you.

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Fairooz Rahman Aurna
Core Member, NSUPS

Community Values


As partakers of a competitive activity, competition regarding contest performance is ingrained and encouraged in our culture. A healthy competitive mindset helps motivate us to get better at problem-solving and achieve better ranks. That said, we consciously try to avoid a mode of competition that can become toxic or harmful; we promote the notion that the best competition is that which is done against oneself.


One of the defining traits of NSUPS is the friendliness and helpfulness of its members, especially when it comes to sharing knowledge. When contesting among ourselves, we become foes trying to be one up on each other; but outside those contests, we are friends and saviors trying to help one another to the best of our abilities. It is worth adding that all of our activities happen due to our people’s voluntary and collaborative work.


Any unethical practices are strongly deplored within our culture. We strive to uphold ethical standards firmly, and to that effect, we follow a zero-tolerance policy for cases of plagiarism or other unfair means in contests. If found guilty of any such action, one must face grim consequences, the extent of which can be a permanent ban from the community depending on the severity of the case.


Discipline in terms of problem-solving practice has been a key to our success in contests throughout the years. Culturally, we make it a point to reinforce a steady and regular solving habit over having short, irregular phases of solving. We try our best to meet every short-term or long-term goal set for us, which takes much self-discipline and dedication amid all the responsibilities in our individual lives.


As a university, we have had the distinct privilege of qualifying for the ICPC World Finals, a stage that can be called the “world cup for programmers.” This feat has earned NSU a prestige not shared by many other universities in Bangladesh. NSU is one of the only few universities in the country to have ever qualified for the ICPC World Finals. Here are some of the commendable positions we have earned in various contests throughout the years.

International Collegiate Programming Contests (ICPC) World Finals
  • 2016 ICPC World Finals: Honourable Mention
  • 2009 ICPC World Finals: Honourable Mention
  • 1999 ICPC World Finals: Honourable Mention
International Collegiate Programming Contests (ICPC) Continental Finals
  • 2019 ICPC Asia West Continental Final: 21st
International Collegiate Programming Contests (ICPC) Regionals
  • 2015 ICPC Asia Dhaka Regional Contest: 2nd Runner-up
  • 2015 ICPC Asia Amritapuri Regional Contest: 4th
  • 2017 ICPC Asia Dhaka Regional Contest: 8th
  • 2016 ICPC Asia Dhaka Regional Contest: 9th
  • 2014 ICPC Asia Dhaka Regional Contest: 10th
  • 2020 ICPC Asia Dhaka Regional Contest: 12th
National Collegiate Programming Contests (NCPC)
  • NCPC 2016: 1st Runner-up
  • NCPC 2018: 15th
  • NCPC 2018: 18th
  • NCPC 2017: 14th
National Girls’ Programming Contests (NGPC)
  • NGPC 2017: 1st Runner-up
  • NGPC 2015: 6th
Inter-University Programming Contests (IUPC)
  • SUB IUPC 2015: Champion 🏆
  • SUB IUPC 2016: 2nd Runner-up
  • MBSTU CSE Carnival 2017 IUPC: 2nd Runner-up
  • BUET IUPC 2015: 4th
  • SUST IUPC 2015: 4th
  • SUB IUPC 2018: 5th
  • GUB IUPC 2018: 5th
  • UITS NCPC 2018: 5th
  • KUET IUPC 2019: 5th
  • NSU Cybernauts NPC 2016: 5th
  • RUET Technocracy 2019 IUPC: 6th
  • NSU Cybernauts NPC 2019: 7th
  • SUB IUPC 2019: 7th
  • MIST IUPC 2019: 8th
  • SUB IUPC 2016: 9th
  • NSU Cybernauts NPC 2018: 9th
  • UITS NCPC 2018: 9th
  • MBSTU CSE Carnival 2017 IUPC: 10th

Our Alumni

304 North Cardinal St.
Dorchester Center, MA 02124

Work Hours
Monday to Friday: 7AM - 7PM
Weekend: 10AM - 5PM