Welcome to NSU Problem Solvers

A community where people learn algorithmic problem-solving and form teams for ICPC and similar contests.


A home to NSU students who like problem-solving and competitive programming. Want to join us and dive deeper into the world of competitive programming? Take a glance at our activities below.


We get special training on problem-solving from expert hands. Learning and practicing new algorithmic techniques incorporating many different mathematical and programming concepts is routine for us.


We compete in various national and international programming contests, particularly the renowned ones like ICPC, NCPC, and other IUPCs, representing NSU.

Conduct Bootcamp

We arrange a Bootcamp every semester to reach and teach newbies the art of problem-solving. Completing the Bootcamp earns one some knowledge and skills that can be invaluable for their academic and professional success and a certificate of recognition. At the same time, successful graduation from it enables one to join our community as a rated member.

Arrange Programming Contests

Being the experts in competitive programming within the university, we often arrange intra-university programming contests with original problems written by our members and alumni.

Conduct Career Seminars

Many of our alumni work as software engineers at some of the most highly pursued companies worldwide. We often hold seminars on professional success with them as instructors.

Community Engagement

All our work is for our members and comes from a collaborative effort of our members. We harbor a strong sense of community that stems from but transcends our shared interest in Competitive Programming, making us a pack who look out for each other's well-being.

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NSU in ICPC World Finals

Mohammad Samiul Islam, Hasib Al Muhaimin and Ahmed Faiyaz were part of the legendary team NSU BugLovers led by Dr. Shazzad Hosain(Coach). The team secured the 3rd place among 122 teams in ICPC Dhaka Regional 2015 and 4th place in ICPC 2015 Asia Regional Amritapuri Site. NSU BugLovers qualified for ICPC World Finals 2016 and got an honourable mention.

What people say about us

“My association with NSU Problem Solvers Community dates way back into the old Banani Campus when a handful of “crazy” programming nerds used to hang around the in-between roads and the tea-stalls. It was not a formal community then, yet the bonding that was there still exists. So when I came back and joined NSU as a lecturer in 2015, I guess quite naturally I was drawn towards NSUPS. I cannot even remember how and when I became a part of it. In the past few years, I have seen the community go through a lot of phases, sometimes good, sometimes may be not quite so, but one thing was constant: the bonding among the community members. I wish NSUPS to be the home for every problem solvers.”
Silvia Ahmed
Senior Lecturer, North South University
“NSUPS has been one of the most memorable journeys in my life. I have spent the majority of my university life with this community. I got the opportunity to learn a lot of things and improve my problem-solving skills significantly with the guidance of some extremely brilliant people. Even in my professional life, those skills always help me to put better performances in my work. I still miss those days a lot when we used to do the team & individual contests together in our labs and then do a small party in the end 🙂 I also got to meet some amazing people in NSUPS, some of whom became very close friends of mine and some became my colleagues later on, who also had some significant contributions in some very critical situations in my life. NSUPS helped me to become a better person, made me confident and persevering and guided me to where I am today. And I’ll always be proud of that 🙂 ”
Tarango Khan
Software Development Engineer, Amazon
“Having been involved with NSUPS since my very first day at NSU, I can confidently say that it would be the appropriate organization to hone one's critical thinking skills. Through NSUPS, students improve their skills in data structure, algorithms, and mathematics, and thus get benefitted not only in programming competitions but also in academics. An incredible perk of being involved in this versatile community is being able to network with a pool of alumni working at prominent companies and/or pursuing higher education at top-ranked universities. Finally, everyone you'll meet at NSUPS - friends, trainers- will turn into a cohesive family within and beyond your programming journey.”
Koushik Roy
MS Student, Columbia University
“I spent a great deal of my college time learning and training with NSUPS. The skills I gained there helped me prepare well for my academic life as well as for the career track I chose after college. Moreover, there I got to know and collaborate with a brilliant group of people both inside and outside NSU, some of whom became my closest friends. We had some amazing faculty members supervising us and caring for us the whole way. Overall, if you have a love for problem solving, analytical thinking and computer science, the time and effort you spend with NSUPS will take you a long way.”
Labib Rashid
Software Engineer, Google
“If I look back at my life, I find that NSUPS played one of the most important roles. I feel honored that I got the chance of working with a few of the brightest minds of NSU. I still get surprised by the amazing works they are doing after our time at NSUPS.
I'm thankful for the skills we gained and the friendship we built during our time at NSUPS. I also can't thank enough our amazing faculty members who shielded us from all sorts of difficulties and guided us through.
NSUPS will always be a memory that I cherish, forever.”
Hasib Al Muhaimin
Software Engineer, Google
“NSUPS changed my life I should say. I didn't know about problem solving or ACM ICPC, NSUPS made me learn about these. It is also a community where I met some talented individuals, mentors, senior and junior people. I learned new stuff, had fun while I was an active member of NSUPS. I recommend all the NSUers who are interested in problem solving and want to represent NSU in national or international level to be a part of the NSU Problem Solvers group.”
Ahmad Faiyaz
Software Development Engineer II, Amazon

Want to join us?

We arrange a bootcamp every semester and recruit members from the bootcamp.

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