Who We Are

We are a group of programmers who love to solve algorithmic problems. We spend our time learning different algorithms, data structures, and problem-solving techniques in order to compete in various programming contests. We like to think ourselves as Sports Programmers who train for Competitive Programming.

Benefits of Competitive Programming

There are actually too many benefits to list them down. Some of the benefits are listed below:

  • Develop skills to convert your idea into code.
  • Learn and master all kinds of algorithms and data structures.
  • Able to ace coding interviews for Software Engineer position at an IT company.
  • Compete in national and international competitions and gain exposure.
  • Meet some of the greatest minds of the world.
  • Opportunity to get interviews from Tech Giants such as Google, Amazon, Facebook and etc.

How NSUPS can help


NSUPS arranges a 2-semester long training session called “Bootcamp”. The purpose of this in-house training is to boost beginners into getting started with Competitive Programming as efficiently as possible. The Bootcamp comprises of weekly classes and contests on basic topics of Number Theory, Data Structure, Graph Theory, Dynamic Programming, Game Theory and Linear Algebra.

Advanced Training Sessions

We provide further training to those who complete the “Bootcamp”. They also receive access to our resources reserved only for the experienced members. We hold weekly practice contests and meetups to discuss the advanced topics. Bootcamp graduates also receive additional attention to their growth and our senior members personally guides them through difficulties.

Programming Contests

Those who successfully complete “Bootcamp”, become eligible to try out for a position in NSUPS Competitive Teams. We hold rated online/onsite contests and those who perform well get to form teams. After more competition among themselves, the top few teams get chance to participate in National Level Programming Contests. You need to be a member of NSUPS for being allowed to represent NSU at programming contests.

Access to Our NSUPS Forum

After you become an NSUPS member you’ll get the invitation to join our NSUPS forum. There you can discuss any algorithm or problem solving related topics and get help from your seniors and alumnus. All the NSUPS members are really helpful and friendly. They can guide you in a proper way to solve your problems. But to become a member you must participate in our boot camp.

Access To Our CPPS

After you successfully complete the bootcamp season you'll get the access to our CPPS which is reserved for only the core members of NSUPS. CPPS is our resource website which contains a collection of good problems and their solution hints. It also contains some good tutorials on many topics. Our seniors and alumnus gradually contribute to improving it day by day.

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